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Storyfluence Workshop

What's The Next Best Thing To Having A Famous “Hollywood Storyteller”,
 Critique Your Own Created Story, Without Having To Fork Out 
The High Exorbitant Costs Associated To Pay For His Expertise?

Here's a great question to ask yourself…

If you had the thousands of dollars required to pay one of Hollywood's most successful and
 highly sought after storytellers to make the time to come and critique your own story, ensuring that you are getting your message across in the most effective way possible…

Would you do it?

Now, of course the benefit to you is that you would know that the story you have in your hands is the greatest “message to market” match possible. Thus, ensuring it would lead to more prospects, conversions, and sales for your business.

Is that something you think would be of complete value to your business, and would you do it?

I believe that for most entrepreneurs the answer would most definitely be a resounding: “YES, of course I would!”

Ok, now of course most of us starting out in our online business, or even if we're already bringing in a good 4 figure income per month… it still wouldn't be in the cards. As you can
 imagine, to get the time of one of Hollywood's top movie storytellers could easily cost in the
 tens of thousands of dollars.

So what would be the next best thing?


Storyfluence Workshop – The Next Best Thing To Having
 Your Very Own Hollywood Guru Critiquing Your Storytelling


Storyfluence Workshop

Certainly one of the coolest benefits of becoming a member of the Storyfluence Workshop for me was having the opportunity of listening in to Michael Hauge dissect and instruct several 
of the students on how to make their stories far more impacting and powerful for their readers.

“Hmm, when was the last time you got to do that?”

How about… like… NEVER!

In the members area of Storyfluence Workshop I'm happy to say that we have the opportunity
 to do exactly that.

Both Michael and Andre take several of the students stories, critique them, and also give their 
feedback on “where” and “how” they could improve their story so that it can be as great as

Of course, we get to listen in on all of this amazing information. The awesome part is; it teaches us on how and where they would most likely give our own stories some advice on what areas we can be improving as well.

Also, we get each of these students “before” and “after” versions of their stories.

In other words; in the storyfluence workshop we have the examples of what they wrote before Michael and Andres's critique and tips.

We also get the versions of their stories after they have made the changes based on Michael and Andre's suggestions.

I'm sure you would agree that this is extremely powerful, and absolutely the next best thing to having to to pay a guy like Michael Hauge or Andre Chaperon to actually do it for you.

Of course, it also saves you thousands upon thousands of dollars of having to hire them too! You won't believe how much their expertise will help you with your online business (even if you have an offline business).

If you're looking to having this type of “power” in your hands to help with your own storytelling prowess for creating more conversions and sales for your business, then it's time to get inside of Storyfluence Workshop.

Storyfluence Workshop

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