Storyfluence Key Components

If Your Stories For Marketing Are Missing Just One Of These Key Components They WILL Be An Epic Fail!

Storyfluence Key Components

Let's face it. If you're going to go to all of the trouble of creating and trying to use stories in your marketing to breakdown buyer resistance with prospects , the last thing you want is to fall short of the mark. This is where the storyfluence key components are needed…

By using storytelling in your marketing the goal is to take your prospects on a journey and to give the impression that they aren't being sold to at all.

In fact, the point is to make them feel that making the purchasing decision is entirely their own idea. They're meant to create an emotional bond between you and your prospect.

However, if your stories are missing even one of the key components that make up a great story, you run the risk of falling completely flat with your message, and in all likelihood, your intention may well end up being a total disaster!

This is where Storyfluence Academy steps in to make sure each of your key components come across in a convincing way…making sure that your story has the greatest impact on your readers and prospects.

8 Storyfluence Key Components Every Story Must Have To Give You The Greatest Impact & Chance For Success

Soryfluence Key Components 8

Storyfluence Academy exposes the 12 key components necessary for a convincing and compelling story, and it also explains why and how to best use these components so that you'll end up packing a punch the first time around.

In this article we will take a look at the first 8 components in a little more detail.

These 8 storyfluence key components are:

  • 1. The Hero
    The hero is the main character that drives the story. He or She is the vehicle through whom we experience the story.
  • 2. The Setup
    The setup is the “before” picture of the hero. It's our hero's daily life before they set out on their journey, which helps to supply a vivid setting for the story. Generally, your hero is stuck and unfulfilled and his/her longing for change is revealed.
  • 3. Empathy
    Next, we must create empathy for our character. Here we are attempting to create a sense of sympathy in our readers for our hero's undeserved misfortune. There is more to it than that, however, I don't want to give it all away here. I will say though, that this is a critical part that you must be able to solidly lay down. Thankfully, Storyfluence Academy helps you do just that…
  • 4. Opportunity
    The opportunity is something new that has never been presented to your hero before. If it works outs, it could be great for your hero. If not however, it could also be of extreme crisis to he/she.
  • 5. New Situation
    Along with the opportunity that your hero has just been presented with, it also comes with a whole new situation and set of circumstances. This has your hero asking many questions about the new situation.What is this new place?
    What are the rules?
    Also, what the heck is expected of me?These are just a few of the questions that your hero will be facing to answer in their journey.
  • 6. The Pursuit
    The pursuit is when your hero begins to devise a plan for achieving a goal and then begins to execute this plan. This must be within your hero's power to achieve the goal, along with several other things.
  • 7. The Conflict
    The conflict is the primary source of emotion that hooks in your readers with your hero. The bigger the obstacles your here has to overcome… the more your readers will feel. There is a lot that goes into this section of your story. Once inside of Storyfluence Academy you're going to want to pay extra special attention to this section. You're going to want to get this part right, the first time around.
  • 8. Supporting Characters
    The supporting characters in your marketing story must also play a pivotal role within your hero's life. These characters may create a reflection that is aligned with your hero. Perhaps it's a nemesis or a romantic desire for your hero. The point is that these characters all help to make your story become more real to your readers… as if to put themselves into the story themselves.This is powerful stuff, that you just can't miss out on when creating your story.

As you can see there is a lot more to creating a powerful story and marketing message than meets the eye in the beginning.

In this article we took a brief look at the first 8 storyfluence key components that must be in place to make up a great story.

Inside of Storyfluence Academy, Andre Chaperon and Michael Hauge go far more in depth with these areas, and also with the other 4 components that are absolutely necessary.

Give yourself the greatest chance of success with your storytelling efforts the first time around, and get yourself inside of Storyfluence Academy today!

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