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Picture this for a minute…

Imagine deciding to sit down and writing your own personal story. This could be your story of how you struggled from being completely flat-assed broke to creating a passive monthly income that you now have coming it at a reliable rate.

Or it could be a story about how you were 30 pounds over weight, and how you were losing hope and belief in yourself that you were ever going to find something that actually worked
for you to lose those pounds.

In the end however, you DID actually find something that helped you to lose the weight and now you want to share it with the world.

The point is… it really doesn't matter which niche your background story falls into. You just know you have a story and you would like to get it out to the world.

You also know that you
 want to use that story to help in your marketing so that you will bring in more leads, and
close more sales.

So there you are sitting down, you have your Microsoft Word application open and you're going to lay this puppy down.

However, once the ideas start racing through your mind about what you want to share, you discover that you simply just don't know where to start!

Then the questions in your mind start coming into play…

“How do I structure this thing?”

“How do I segue from this part of my story, into this other area where it will have the most impact, and connect with my reader at the deepest level?”

Let me tell you this much. If you've ever sat down and tried to write any type of story, these questions, PLUS a whole lot more are going to enter your mind… sometimes to the point of paralysis!

The next thing you know you are sitting there looking at a blank page without a bloody clue as to why you even have your word processing program opened up in the first place.

It sucks. Yes, even for me it can be a big struggle sometimes, though I've written quite a bit 
of copy in my day.

Storyfluence Academy can be a HUGE help for you.

If you've ever needed a structured plan that you can follow each time you sit down to write,
then this is most likely going to become your new best friend when it comes to writing.

Storyfluence Academy – The Blueprint For Storytelling Success

One of the best things I liked about what I was able to take away from Storyfluence Academy
is that now I have a step by step blueprint that I can follow every time I sit down to write.

Besides the great video content and workshop that Andre Chaperon and Michael Hauge supply for us within the course, they also provide some excellent pdf workbooks for us to
use each time we want to create another masterful piece of storytelling content.

I have to admit that since I've acquired the course I've pulled out these blueprint pdf's on several occasions. I'm not different than anyone else when it comes down to sitting down and creating content for my business. Sometimes I just flat blank out!

It's a bit of a marketers nightmare when this happens to you actually, and it happens to the best of us. So for this reason alone, I've been very grateful and thankful for these blueprints that I acquired through grabbing Storyfluence Academy.

If that's something that you think would help you, then I am recommending that you go ahead and take the plunge with Storyfluence Academy.

In the meantime, look forward to my next article where I'm going to uncover each of the parts that go into powerful storytelling in far more detail.

Storyfluence Academy

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