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Storyfluence will reveal the 15 plot questions your story must include for having a “Winner” the first time!

If you were to sit down to write a winning story that helps you to gain trust with your readers, and also to silently break down their defenses from purchasing through you, would you honestly know how to construct a plot the proper way to do so?

How about the questions your plot must answer?

Would you have those nailed down?

In one of my other recent articles we discussed the “12 Key Components” every story must have to give you the greatest impact and chance for success.

However, along with those 12 Key Components there are certain other questions that your plot must answer as well.

If your plot can't answer these questions effectively – once again, you do run the risk of not coming across with enough connection with your readers.

When it comes to the plot of your story, there are 15 Questions that your story should include so that you'll be able to create a “winner” the first time around.

In this article we'll discuss the first 10 of these extremely important plot questions that the storyfluence workshop addresses.

Sorry! But once again, I cannot include all of the questions necessary.

You'll have to get yourself inside the Storyfluence Workshop itself for the missing pieces to the puzzle.

Whoops… it's almost as if I did that on purpose, isn't it? Evil grin 🙂

For now though, let's take a quick look at 10 of them (randomly chosen).

Storyfluence Workshop – Must Have Plot Questions

Storyfluence 10 Questions

  • Who is my hero?

This is where you'll have to decide who the hero is in your story. Is it yourself, or is it another
character that your story is based around?

  • Where is my hero just before beginning his or her journey?

What is your setup? At what point in your hero's life are you joining him or her as they embark on their journey?

  • Why will my readers and audiences care about my hero?

How are you going to create that important connection and empathy for your hero that your story must contain?

  • What crisis or wish started my hero on this journey?

What crises or opportunity has come across your hero that “he” or “she” needs to take control of, or what's the desire that they want to attain with their journey?

  • What was my hero’s reaction to this event?

How did your hero react to this event? What all of a sudden gave them this desire that made them want to fix this area of their life?

  • What visible goal is my hero desperate to achieve?

What is the actual tangible goal that your here has become so desperate to achieve? How can you communicate this to your audience?

  • How does my hero plan to achieve this goal?

What is your hero's plan to get to where he/she wants to wants to? How are they going to execute this plan?

  • Who is my hero’s ally?

Every successful plot needs the hero to have an ally. Do you know who your hero's ally is going to be?

  • What external obstacles does my hero face, and how does he or she overcome them?

When you look at all of the most successful Hollywood movies you'll find that most of them are a type of “tragedy to triumph” story.

What's the tragedy that your hero has to overcome, and just how are they going to “pull it off”.

  • Who most stands in my hero’s way?

A great plot always has an antagonist, or a type of “nemesis” that stands in the way of your hero accomplishing their goals. Who is your hero's?

Storyfluence Hero

As you can see there is a lot more that goes into creating a great story than one would first assume. It does require the knowledge of having a blueprint plan for putting all of the pieces together in a very cohesive way.

Storyfluence will teach you exactly how to bring it all together.

We only covered the first 10 questions briefly of what most go into a successful plot for your story.

To get the other five, PLUS, learn about each of the pieces on a far in-depth level of understanding, it's all inside of the Storyfluence Workshop!

Storyfluence Workshop

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